It’s a Warzone Out There

All around us, everyday a battle rages.  In fact, it’s many battles, on many fronts, but they are all part of the same war waged against the enslavement, oppression and abuse of the world’s children.  There are no non-combatants.  Whether we know it or not, whether we accept it or not, we all take a side, and we all take up arms.  Be it with a sword, or apathy, you will fight on one side or the other.  The enemies in this war are easy to see.  There is no middle ground:  You are either against human trafficking, or you are not; people are either free, or they are not.  Children are either abused or they are not.

I’m a humble warrior who fights in a small corner of this battle.  We all do.  If we follow Christ, we fight in God’s army.  We’ve been recruited from death by the blood of the Son, trained by the Word, emboldened by the Holy Spirit and commanded by God, Himself.

The purpose of this page is the share one view from the trenches.  There are many stories to be told, and many warriors to tell them, but I can only tell this one.  And I feel commanded to tell it all:  The fervor, anxiety, desperation, horror, sadness and hope.  The successes and the failures.  I promise only to tell that which has been shown to be by God, and that which he has instructed me to tell.

One final and important thought:  Lest it be said that this page is boastful, let me be clear that I’m merely a tool in God’s kit–and not the sharpest one.  He alone provides the strength, tenacity and ingenuity needed for the fight.  The Glory belongs only to Him.

In love.  In hope.


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